Packform, Footprint partner for eco-packaging

by Ian Ackerman - Packaging News (PKN) September 23, 2020

Online packaging platform Packform has partnered with Footprint, a US-based material science engineering company that aims to reduce or eliminate plastics through developing and manufacturing plant-based materials for packaging.

The relationship will allow customers to use Packform’s capability to partner with Footprint and choose sustainable packaging options.

Packform co-founder and chairman Philip Weinman said the union with Footprint comes at a critical time.

“Like Packform, Footprint is a game changer in its field. They are ready to move quickly and offer high quality sustainable alternatives,” he said.

“We want to empower our customers to make sustainable choices. We are all in this together. If we truly work together to solve the problem with plastic usage, we have no doubt that we can achieve what we want.”

Packform co-founder Peter Williams said the environment cannot be sidelined for any longer.

“The increased use of single use plastic packaging is happening on a mass scale and it is hurting the planet,” he said.

“The pandemic is driving the amount of plastic now coming into our homes – it’s not an indication of public sentiment. We know that this is not what people want. We know it’s bad and we know most people feel the same. It’s now time to work together to make things right. We simply cannot wait anymore.”

This week, Fortune Magazine named Footprint as one of the Top 50 Change The World Winners for 2020. The accolade recognises companies that make significant social or environmental impact through the business creativity and design.

Footprint chief marketing officer Susan Koehler said the company was thrilled to receive the recognition.

“Never before in history has there been this much drive to make such positive change happen. We know that we need to find products that are not as destructive to our planet,” Koehler said.

“To make this happen there needs to be more innovation in packaging development. Our collaboration with an innovator such as Packform is a huge step in the right direction.”

Published: 23rd September 2020 by Packaging News (PKN) [Author: Ian Ackerman]

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