The Time Is Now – The War on Plastic Can No Longer Wait

September 22, 2020
  • Packform announces a strategic partnership with US sustainable packaging leaders, Footprint.

  • Footprint today hailed as Fortune Top 50 Change The World Winner

  • Packform announced as Gold and Silver winner for Tech Start Up and Start Up of the Year – 2020 International Stevie Awards

  • “Our union with Footprint comes at an exciting yet critical time” – CEO and Co-Founder, Philip Weinman

2020 was set to be the year that the war on plastic would make great advances. Coronavirus then came along and changed all of that.

In record speed, COVID-19 has caused disruption in all corners of the globe. As the world has grappled with the damage the virus has unleashed on our societies, the war on plastic has taken a backseat to the pandemic. Within just a few short months, a tidal wave of take-away food cartons, home delivery packaging and incorrectly discarded PPE equipment has started to litter our lives. Sadly, this plague of plastic is unlikely to end soon. With worldwide focus so fiercely aimed on hygiene and sanitation, the preference for plastic could be a trend that remains for some time.

This activity is happening all over the world. The reality is, it really doesn’t have to because there is another way.

Trailblazing Start-up Shines Spotlight on Alternatives

Packform, a forward thinking tech start-up, has created a storm within the packaging sphere where it is completely disrupting and revamping a stale industry in need of revolution. The company created considerable momentum early in its infancy and has won significant recognition including being hailed as winners in two categories in the prestigious 2020 International Stevie Awards (Gold Stevie® Award in the Tech Start-up of the Year- Software category and Silver Stevie® Award in the Start-up of the Year – Business Services Industries category).

The firm’s commitment to digital innovation has established its position as a disrupter. One of the start-up’s key objectives is to deliver sustainable packaging alternatives for customers and this will further cement Packform’s place as a market leading game-changer.

Their message is simple – “If you want to make a contribution to improve sustainability, we are here to help”.

When Packaging Innovators and Sustainability Leaders Unite

Packform have today announced a strategic partnership with Footprint, a US based material science-engineering firm focused on reducing or eliminating plastics through the development and manufacturing of revolutionary plant based technologies.

This relationship will allow customers to use Packform’s capability to partner with Footprint and choose market leading sustainable packaging options.

“Our union with Footprint comes at an exciting yet critical time”, says Co-founder and Chairman, Philip Weinman.

“Like Packform, Footprint is a game changer in its field. They are ready to move quickly and offer high quality sustainable alternatives. We want to empower our customers to make sustainable choices. We are all in this together. If we truly work together to solve the problem with plastic usage, we have no doubt that we can achieve what we want”

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

Packform and Footprint are bold businesses that share many great qualities in common. Like Packform, Footprint is also a forward thinking and disruptive Technology Company. With the tagline ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People’, Footprint are committed to achieving a sustainable future for every person on the planet.

Fortune Top 50 Change The World Winners

Today, Footprint has been announced as one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Change The World Winners for 2020, an award that recognises companies that have made a significant social or environmental impact through their business creativity and design.

“It goes without saying that we are thrilled to receive this recognition”, states Susan Koehler, Chief Marketing Officer at Footprint.

“Never before in history has there been this much drive to make such positive change happen. We knowthat we needto find products that are not as destructive to our planet. To make this happen there needs to be more innovation in packaging development. Our collaboration with an innovator such as Packform is a huge step in the right direction”.

The Time Is Now

The war on plastic may very well have been placed ‘on the back burner’ to make way for the pandemic, however, the imbalance between protection of our health and protection of the environment could be one of the greatest hazards for our future.

“The increased use of single use plastic packaging is happening on a mass scale and it is hurting the planet”, states Peter Williams, Packform Co-Founder.

“The pandemic is driving the amount of plastic now coming into our homes – it’s not an indication of public sentiment. We know that this is not what people want. We know its bad and we know most people feel the same. It’s now time to work together to make things right. The environment cannot be sidelined for any longer. We simply cannot wait anymore.”

Published: September 22, 2020 by Eco Voice

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