The Top 5 Entrepreneurs Working to Make Our Lives Easier

May 2, 2022

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It often means taking a blind leap off a cliff and figuring out how to fly on the way down. Many entrepreneurs take that flying leap seeking to make life easier. Whether they have developed a way to update the antiquated packing industry or a way to keep your information safe online, these entrepreneurs are changing the face of their industries.

1. Preston Geeting

Preston is one of the co-founders of Packform. Alongside his other co-founders Philip Weinman and Peter Williams, he recognized the opportunity to transform the antiquated packaging industry with innovative technology, creating new service levels, a better customer experience, and more significant opportunities for all involved.

As of 2020, Packform officially became the fastest-growing packaging company and won the gold International Stevie Business Awards for Technology Startup of the Year.

2 . Craig Goodliffe

Craig Goodliffe is a successful real estate executive who started Cyberbacker to connect small- to medium-sized businesses with the top-tier support staff that they need in order to grow. Cyberbacker is a new, innovative, mission-driven company for connecting small to medium businesses. Cyberbacker is the leading provider of world-class administrative support and virtual assistant services from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.

3. Seemant Sehgal

Seemant Sehgal, founder & CEO of BreachLock, Inc. , headquartered in New York, has demonstrated tremendous success in just over 3 years by pioneering one of the fastest growing cybersecurity startups to date.

Sehgal is featured as a cybersecurity expert in global publications like Forbes, The European, and Cybercrime Magazine. Known for his unconventional, yet empowering leadership style and passion, he has built a global team of highly focused and driven individuals who share his vision and are dominating the pen testing space with the market-disrupting solution.

BreachLock delivers comprehensive Penetration Testing as a Service  (PtaaS) powered by Certified Hackers and AI — making pen testing more scalable, fast, convenient, and cost-effective than ever. BreachLock's award-winning, DevOps-ready SaaS portal makes managing and monitoring pen tests easy.

4. Chas Sampson

Iraqi War Veteran Chas Sampson is the CEO of Seven Principles. Sampson’s company empowers veterans transitioning out of the military by assisting with the VA claims process, appeal cases, entrepreneurship, and more.

Before founding Seven Principles, Chas served as a Decision Officer/VA Rater at the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. He then went on to serve at the Pentagon as an Employee and Labor Relations executive at the United States Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. This experience inspired him to advocate for his fellow veterans and prepare them to reenter society with maximized VA benefits and a career plan. As a decision officer, he had denied numerous applications due to minor mistakes that could have been avoided if the applicant had benefited from an expert’s guidance.

5. Zayd Ali

Zayd Ali is the founder and CEO of FISH, a business creating a social network for the next generation of startups, entrepreneurs, & VCs. Their waitlist currently boasts startups and VCs from the top accelerators and funds across North America.  Previously, he served as the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Advisor Appointments, a platform that helped financial advisors find and manage prospective clients. He led the company to consistent 400% year-over-year (YoY) growth and an acquisition by Next Stage Ventures in mid-2021.

Ali acts as the advisor to a number of startups including the enterprise technology firm, Epochal Technologies, as well as the augmented reality startup, Ghost Pacer, and was the founder of the nationally award-winning non-profit, OnSide.

Original Source: The Top 5 Entrepreneurs Working to Make Our Lives Easier, International Business Times, 22 April 2022.

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